Venom Series Suppressors

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The 338 Venom is based on the modular concept of our Emperor line of suppressors, and as such it can be rebuilt, repaired and upgraded.  When you purchase a StingerWorx .338 Venom you will be purchasing a suppressor that will last a lifetime no matter how many rounds you send down range.  One of the shortest and lightest 338 suppressors on the market it comes in at 10 inches long and 17 oz. and will not disappoint. The Venom is a pur-pose built suppressor, designed to grow, adapt and withstand a changing world both in function, mission and the ever changing suite of federal laws. This is just the beginning as StingerWorx explores beyond what is currently available.

338 Venom

• Developed for the Long-Range Precision Shooter
• Patented multi-material baffle design
• Threaded and replaceable baffle stack

Full Auto Rated: No
Rating: .338 Caliber and smaller

Length: 10.0”
Diameter: 2”/1.75”
Weight: 15 oz.